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Nations Ventures, LLC announced today their investment in HYPR CARRY, an Australian based influencer merchandise and media company. The terms of the deal include a cash investment in the Australian parent company, HYPR CARRY Pty. Ltd, and the establishment of a wholly owned US subsidiary, HYPR CARRY USA, LLC, which will be a new affiliate of We Are Nations, Inc., a leading global company specializing in esports, influencer and gaming related consumer products.

HYPR CARRY’s influencer roster includes Fresh, Joshdub, Mully, Eddie and X2 Twins, with the influencers releasing multiple retail drops per year of premium fleece, outerwear, t-shirts and accessories. Though enjoying a global customer base, the US market is a clear driver of sales growth.

“Working with HYPR CARRY is probably the best example so far of the Nations Ventures investment strategy” said Patrick Mahoney, a partner in Nations Ventures and CEO of We Are Nations. “HYPR CARRY has built a great business with great clients and an incredible management team. They were ready to scale and after a few months of conversations it became clear that HYPR CARRY and the Nations family created a great partnership.”

With a heavy background in esports, HYPR CARRY launched in early 2020 with a focus on transforming the world of influencer merchandise, while intertwining their passion for streetwear with the esports and gaming community. At their core, HYPR CARRY is dedicated to developing the culture of the esports and influencer market, while creating new and unique ways for influencers and teams to connect with their community.

“It had been an incredible launch year for the team and we were looking closely at how to continue the momentum into 2021. It was important for us to secure a partner that was beneficial to the vision of Hypr, but also strengthened our network for our influencers. Enter the legends from We Are Nations and Nations Ventures'' said Aiden Hiko, Co-Founder of HYPR CARRY.

“Very early on, we realised Nations Ventures would be the perfect partner to strengthen our ability to execute on the vision we have for HYPR CARRY. The wealth of knowledge and experience backing the team now is a championship level win for both our team, and the influencers who trust us with their communities.”

HYPR CARRY’s upcoming Spring 2021 drops include Joshdub, Eddie and Mully, as well as their own branded clothing line.


Nations Ventures was formed in 2020 to propel growth in the esports industry. Nations Ventures is led by experienced venture capital professionals, and leverages the We Are Nations network of industry experts and leaders to create a value added investment experience including both access to capital and business mentoring.


HYPR CARRY is a premium clothing and media company based in Australia. Founded in 2020, HYPR CARRY has worked with multiple globally recognised influencers in the esports and gaming space, with a vision of carrying the culture of the industry to new heights. HYPR CARRY connects influencers with their communities by providing a complete end to end solution, and premium product, allowing creators to focus on doing what they do best.


We Are Nations is a company specializing in esports consumer products and retail, with locations based in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, with additional distribution partners around the world. They provide merchandise design, sales, manufacturing, licensing, and distribution services for esports teams, leagues, and other endemic and non-endemic brands operating in the esports industry., or Twitter and Instagram @wearenations_

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